Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I fear for our nation...

I fear for our nation... 
I fear for our Malaysia! 
I despair for our future! 

When emotionally-charged 
but irrational extremists 
under whichever guise
of self-declared religiosity,
of exclusive ethnic might,
assert their self-proclaimed 'right',
when they threaten, intimidate,
different thinking others,
oppositionist representatives;
bully, ignore and abuse
even cowardly leaders,
openly dare duly-elected
MPs and SAs;
when they blatantly challenge
order and flout the law,
call for extreme violence
even to behead opposing persons
with differing views,
I fear for civil society.
I fear for our nation! 

To openly call for fear-instilling
supremacist-led mayhem and violence,
against another different,
To 'defend' exclusive ethnic rights
against all imagined others,
of dastardly fancied DNA-poisoning,
of porcine paranoia,
of ethnic purity,
of religious 'cleansing'!
Isn't this wanton rabble-rousing
fascist neo-Nazi call to violence?
Genocidal intent?
Isn't this extremely dangerous?
Heinous? Seditious?
Are these harbingers
of approaching pogroms, purges?
Our own Kristallnacht?
Our night of the long knives?
Crimes foretold against humanity?

In civilised society
can we allow, nay tolerate
such fascist bigotry run amuck?
like the murderous wilding ISIS?
Sunnis vs Shiites vs others?
Malays, Muslims vs others?
Us vs them?

But alas our emasculated
tongue-tied leadership
has chosen to abdicate
its responsibility,
its duty...
Our democracy...
is dying, in death throes...
majoritarian power is meant
to rule, to make policies for all,
to protect minorities,
not to overwhelm,
marginalise, demonise!
Our gormless leaders...
they're complicit by default,
they've tacitly permitted
hate-filled, loud-mouthed
soulless extremists
to cripple our civil society!

Despair, sad indeed...
our leaders, so warped,
So lost, so directionless,
So paralysed
So trapped, within
their cynical muck
of political chicanery,
expediency and cowardice...
we're now treading
perilously close
to social, societal collapse,
anarchy beckons...

Our already fragile sense
of communal belonging
as a once proud nation,
bludgeoned to death,
trampled underfoot,
while our leaders
our 'Neros' watch
by the sidelines,
fiddling soundlessly
as our Malaysian Rome burns!

Our unity's now so sundered...

It'll be a miracle
to turn around
any time soon,
or ever!
Our once celebrated
disparate multiethnic diversity
all but a beached whale
of tired acronyms:
1This or 1That!
I fear for our nation. 
1Vacant shibboleths!
gasping its last breaths...
The terminal stench of decay
reeks, pervades,
befouls our nation's
once pristine ambiance...
One Asia, truly!
of infectious courtesy
joyful nationhood,
civil discourse,
mutual respect,
common purpose
national pride...
all but dissipated... lost, gone? forever?

Now seems impossibly distant
as supremacist right-wingers
hunker down
with even more arrogant
supercilious 'jaguh kampung'
rude crude posturings,
with seeming impunity,
with state-sanctioned approval,
with supposed judicial complicity!

Goodbye one Malaysia!

Alas, we're slipping,
tumbling down
the crumbling slopes
of BTN'd fueled,
racist-infested foundations,
into abysmal depths
of despair
of lawlessness
of anarchy
of failed states...?
Like Zimbabwe, Syria,
Egypt or Iraq!

May God or All** save Malaysia!