Monday, March 10, 2014

MH 370.... 8 March 2014

MH 370.... 8 March 2014

Why're we so different...?
     so in the dark,
True, plane missing
    Still un-found....

           0130!? Which?
239 souls
227 plus 12 crew....

For loved ones
   So much anguish
     So much pain
       So much in not knowing
     So exasperating
   So hopeless
So little news
   So few updates
     So lacking in
     in-depth discussion
     Opinions, experts....

that irrepressible
     control freak nature
     in our 'we know best'
only 'we' who 'know',
     can call the shots!
       (or tweak the facts
       or hide distort the truth?!)

"Don't speculate!"
Conspiracies, conspiracies, conspiracies....

Control control control! ......................

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ode to DSAI...7 March 2014

Ode to DSAI...7 March 2014

Our hearts sank, 
      sinking still...
Our soul stumbles, 
but not just a few 

to depths 
      of gnawing sadness
of implacable melancholy
that knows no sensible bounds
that rubbishes 
      all sense of right vs wrong
that squirms at the unholy haste
      of unmasked shadows
      of unleashed orcian beasts
      of sinister wayang kulit puppetry,
by political masters
      nee malign thugs,
         run amuck
of judicial inexplicability
      flexing gormless unseen hands
      behind veneers of 'blind' chutzpah
of vengeful retribution,
      of he who must be destroyed,
      of he who must be demonised
      of he who would be 'king'
Justice be damned!
Rule by law!
     (of 'chosen' few!)
Might tramples right!
     Power trumps the powerless...

Oh gloaming Malaysian twilight,
     darkening oppressive haze!
Our people cries in anguish:
Whither the touted fabric
        of our social norms?
     Torn asunder...
Whither our civil decency?
     Run afoul...

Our vital spirits
     flickering flames a-doused
Our kindred souls --
     carved out raw, hollowed out!
Our hopes --
     dashed, unquenched,
        all but extinguished,
eclipsing into that long
     long dark night...

Our civil rights a-trampled...
     Our institutions a-crumbling
Our nation's mission -- fading,
     Directionless, rudderless, 
         vision awry
Wawasan 2020 grinds aground...

Democracy's dying,
     Seemingly, irrevocably...
Evil, despair, zealots triumph
     Erstwhile bigots flourish
Civil society retreats,
     dumbed down, flabbergasted,
     'bought' with BRIM silvers
     teeth-gritted anger
     impotent, yet stout-hearted
         determined, recharging!?
Rise oh Rise, uncowed friends!
     Doth death beckon?
Nay, rebirth and renaissance beckons!

DSAI, be not alone,
     your travails are not in vain,
armies of kindred souls
     stand with you, 
     pray with you,
     fight with you...
We pledge unwavering allegiance
To overcome this travesty of injustice,
         towards a new era
For a Better Malaysia!