Sunday, January 4, 2015

Stop poisoning the minds of our children with racism ... by Ravinder Singh

Stop poisoning the minds of our children with racism

by Ravinder Singh, via email
fmt, January 4, 2015

The Cabinet’s abdication of its duty to stem the rising tide of racism that could, if not checked, lead to the Talibanisation of this county, has galvanised some very concerned, very senior and enlightened Muslims to come together to make an open stand. The original group of 25 has increased, and has a lot of support from moderate Malaysians.

These include the Sultan of Perak who stated in his Maulidur Rasul address that in 627AD Prophet Muhammad had signed an agreement with monks at the St. Catherine monastery providing a guarantee to protect Christians, their homes and their place of worship.

Why did the Cabinet neglect its duty to stop the racist bigots from spewing vitriol and driving a wedge in the harmonious multi-racial, multi-religious relations that have been the pride of Malaysia as a melting-pot of racial and religious harmony in diversity?

Did the Cabinet feel that it is ‘pantang’ (taboo) or ‘haram’ (unlawful) for it to take cognisance of the activities of the racists and bigots and stop them creating racial discord because they claim to be operating under God’s law over which the Cabinet has no jurisdiction? Who authorised them to speak on behalf of God?

Was the Cabinet afraid of a backlash from the racists who are quick to condemn anyone who dares say that what they are doing and preaching is un-Islamic? Did the Cabinet feel that the words and actions of these bigots had to be allowed in the name of “freedom of speech” although they clearly run foul of provisions in the Penal Code?

The immediate concern of the G25 is no doubt to put a stop to the activities of the racists in operation at the moment. But these racists are just the tip of the iceberg.

An even greater worry than the small band of the noisy, aggressive bigots operating today is the racial indoctrination of children that is talking place. Since the 1980s parents have complained of rising racism in schools and of the ‘Islamisation” of national schools. This is one reason that many non-Malay parents have taken their children out of national schools.

This has become so bad as demonstrated by some incidents in the recent past, e.g. head teachers telling children during assembly to “balik China/India”; putting non-Malay children out of sight of fasting Muslim children during recess so the latter would not be tempted to eat; slaughtering cattle in school compounds; introducing a literature book with a derogatory reference to Indians.

There is a very challenging task ahead for G25 to take race-relations back to the era of the 1950s and 60s. Stopping the present day bigots, be they professors or self-acclaimed religious authorities, is an immediate need before more damage is done to racial harmony.

In the long term, the racial indoctrination of children and young persons must be stopped. If not, the next generation would see droves of racists and bigots, too many for anyone to stop. Talibanisation of Malaysia would then be a fait accompli. What is the number of today’s adults who have already gone through racial indoctrination in some way or other, subtly or directly?

I hope G25 will take note of the greater importance of stopping the racial indoctrination of children and young persons in all institutions of learning, including outfits such as Biro Tata Negara. The real evil is in the indoctrination of tender and young minds who are innocent and know not the treachery behind such teaching of racism.

Something has definitely gone seriously wrong in the teaching of religion for people to become racists when religion does not teach enmity and hatred of people of other beliefs and cultures. In fact religions teach people to ‘do unto others as you would have others do unto you’ and ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’.

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